Student Work

Final Poster for Winter Quarter 


Poster pdf Link: FinalPoster.compressed

Winter Report Link: LPV Winter Report

Stakeholder Expansion: LPV Stakeholder Expansion

Final Poster for Fall Quarter 


Poster pdf: LPV Fall Poster

Fall Final Report Link: LPV Updated Fall Report

Leimert Tank

A program designed by Leimert Park’s 20|20 Business Development and Marketing Committee for local entrepreneurs that wish to locate there business venture in Leimert Park Village.  The program was developed under the influence of ABC TV Series, Shark Tank, and will function very much like the show. Leimert Tank will give new and existing businesses a chance to demonstrate their potential in order to receive financial assistance from investors.

Case Studies that helped to develop this program for LPV are here: Shark Tank Benchmarking Case Studies


Leimert Tank Application 1 (Drafting Phase..)


Updated Application Found Here:Leimert Tank Application 2016