Promoting Active Lifestyles

Post by Maria B. Rodriguez

The Culver Boulevard Bike Path is an example of a pedestrian corridor that runs on a raised median of a major arterial road. The path is elevated 2 to 3 feet above street level but drops to grade level when crossing intersections. The bike path spans about 2 miles on Culver Boulevard. It is commonly used by local residents and supports lots of human activity, such as biking, walking, in-line skating and is wheelchair accessible.  (Culver City Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, 2010).


Expanding from the case study above, I have proposed to implement the Leimert/ Crenshaw Boulevard Running Corridor. (pic below). The Leimert Boulevard Running Corridor is an excellent model for an infrastructural improvement that can increase human physical activity to promote healthier lifestyles. The proposed path would run on the median of two roads, Leimert and Crenshaw Boulevards. The path will be raised 2-3 feet to avoid any traffic obstructions and make it comfortable for users to feel safe while on the path. It will also be well-landscaped with native vegetation, include seating such as benches, well-lit with energy efficient light posts, and contain two paths: a paved and multi-use (trail) paths.



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