Packing House Ideas…

Post by Maria B. Rodriguez

With the hopes that one of the large Botach buildings will be availably vacant in the future, it is a great opportunity for LPV stakeholders to build a Mercado-style, Fast-Fresh Packing House/ Hub. The Vision stakeholders have spoke in depth about their Fast-Fresh Accelerator as a major goal for building an incubator that houses a variety of fast-fresh food options. Below is an example, a case study, that the community looks to for packing house ideas…

El Mercado La Paloma, Los Angeles


El Mercado La Paloma is an example of a ‘Mercado-style’ packing house in the heart of Los Angeles. A packing house is known as a facility, usually a large space, where fresh produce is sold and a variety of retail, primarily food vendors, share spaces in the facility. The Mercado La Paloma targets many of LPV 20|20 Vision stakeholders’ Fast Fresh business community goals. In fact, the Mercado La Paloma was heavily mentioned by stakeholders at multiple meetings as a prime example of what the community was seeking to implement. Another astounding concept El Mercado La Paloma incorporates is its financial assistance opportunities for up-and-coming vendors to expand in El Mercado. LPV can reuse one of Botach’s future vacant buildings to implement the Fast Fresh Hub/ Packing House. Prospective Shark Tank applicants that make it through the final stages of the program can have the opportunity to grow their businesses in the Fast Fresh Hub/ Packing House. (Mercado La Paloma, 2004-2016 and 2015 Restaurant Guide Advertorial: Mercado La Paloma, 2015).


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