LPV’s Sustainability Goals

Post by Maria B. Rodriguez

Throughout the Winter quarter, our group emphasized the importance of strengthing the community’s environmental wellbeing by developing a series of scenarios. The scenario that fit best towards implementing sustainable objectives was the “Grow” element in our Strategic Scenario Plan. The “Grow” element, also known as the EcoWellness scenario states the following:

ECOWellness cultivates the growth of an EcoDistrict, supporting health and overall well-being through measures of sustainability strategies in Leimert Park. Vision stakeholders expand their partnership with West Angeles CDC and Global Green to include LPV in Crenshaw’s EcoDistrict Master Plan. ECOWellness in LPV develops efficient systems, products, procedures and programs to revitalize and sustain an aesthetically healthy urban environment. Fresh and natural food businesses prosper, energy efficient technology is implemented when possible, and the Village is a pedestrian and bicycle friendly commercial district. The community embraces a beautification project that activates native streetscape and adopts a 2-mile running corridor on the east side of the Plaza, along main Boulevards’ parkway. The diverse business community establishes sustainability guidelines to maintain up-to-date technological and physical infrastructure. With advanced technology, businesses implement green initiatives decreasing their impact on the environment. The ECOWellness concept supports a livable environment for thriving businesses and overall public health.



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