Create. Grow. Share.


As the quarter wraps up, we’re putting the final touches on our visioning plans. We were encouraged to develop a few scenarios for the future of LPV and we did so, creating scenarios for creative business growth, for sustainable wellbeing, and for international tourism. In the end though, we decided that picking one of these scenarios is simply not realistic. Each of these scenarios was inspired by the conversations we’ve had with LPV community members.  They are each means to goals that the LPV community has for itself: a thriving local economy, a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship, a community that is physically and mentally healthy, and a community that is a cultural tourist hotspot. Therefore, our team created a unified scenario called Create. Grow. Share., where each word represents the three formerly disparate scenarios.

Our vision recognizes that LPV has already existing an amazing foundation of values, tradition, and organization.  Create. Grow. Share. is a vision plan that envisions this foundation growing into LPV’s ideal version of itself.

Each element in the plan details potential plans, programs, and projects that may be implemented to satisfy community goals. Each element also includes case studies to highlight ways these strategies are implemented in other communities. Many of these strategies may even already exist in LPV, but have the potential to grow in some way.  For example, our plan discusses cultural district branding. LPV already has amazing African iconography throughout the village alongside an art deco design theme. These are great foundations and are already being exploited as a branding opportunity in the public lot development design. This can also be taken further with wayfinding that readily delineates LPV as its own cultural district, similar to how Chinese gates delineates Chinatown in LA and street lights/decor delineates Little Italy in Manhattan.

Create. Grow. Share. is a vision plan that hopes to encapsulate what the LPV community already sees in itself, and what it hopes for its future.