Scenario Summary

The theme of the third phase is to share, which transforms LPV into a cultural Mecca and an international destination. To make this theme happen, it is assumed that there is continuous economic growth, LPV makes a petition to the city to be a cultural designation, surrounding LA cultural centers are willing to support and participate in, and black community demographic remains stable in LPV. Based on the theme and assumptions, multiple scenarios are purposed. For instance, LPV will be designated as a cultural district; seasonal national exhibition (mainly Black culture) will be held, Linkage between nearby African American cultural attractions will be built, tourism information center will be set up, African American cultural node tourism will be promoted by Metro rail, resources will be putting back in the community, grocery store which sells cultural food or ingredients will be cooperated.


The value behind the phases III scenarios are stimulation, protection, attraction and demonstration. When LPV can successfully develop its tourism based on its African American culture, this unique tourism industry can serve as a catalyst for economic growth in South LA. As the community develops physically and economically, African Americans in the community have greater power to the challenges outside. It greatly prevents the displacement and protects the African American culture. More importantly, it can serve as an worldwide example to demonstration how to revitalized a broken community and cultivate local culture, and attracts other Black communities to follow the similar path.


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