Goals and Objectives

One of the goal is to cultivate a vibrant and welcoming village environment. Specifically, the project Increases foot traffic during the day and night from LPV locals and visitors, increases diversity of business types and improve quality of streetscape and business facades. By transforming LPV into a Sankofa tourism district, since the amount of visitors significantly increases, it has a higher demands in the community. Additionally, it requires higher quality of business services and infrastructures. When a the community becomes a successful, cultural tourism destination, it indicates it is an attractive and visitor-welcoming environment. Not only foot traffic is in a high volume, but also the the business types increase. Streetscape and business facades are in good shape that presents the beauty of the community.


Assumptions and Interventions

To make the LPV successfully transform into Sankofa tourism district, it requires the continuous accumulation of wealth and economic development, community’s petition to city to make the cultural designation, the cooperation and participation of the surrounding LA cultural centers, and retention of the black community demographic. In terms of planning, it needs linkage between nearby African American cultural attractions and Metro rail signages so that visitors can easily figure out where is LPV, get to this cultural Mecca, and continue travel to other places. Politically, government should admit LPV as an important cultural district and encourage resources, such as money and labor, to be put back in the community. Programmatically, the community holds seasonal national exhibitions, which address topic like

Black excellence, growing in a professional industry, small business celebration, entrepreneurship, art, music, film, and youth empowerment / talent. As for the community design, it can have tourism information center that offer information like attractions and maps. It holds local tours sometimes.


Strengths and Weakness

By forging LPV as a tourism district, advantageously, it can serve as a catalyst or economic wealth for South Los Angeles, prevent displacement, encourage the use of public transit, help visitor easily navigate throughout the community, beckon for other Black communities to follow the similar pattern, and serves as worldwide example. Negatively, linkage to the surrounding areas may suffer from higher traffic volume, minority groups may feel less supported, transportation system and public infrastructure needs to have efficiency and reinforcement, and tourism may not become the supportive industry in the community.



The projective that foreign LPV into Sankofa tourism district is feasible in long-term development. In terms of planning, LPV is a traditional commercial district that has experience to serve customers. Politically, there are resources (money and labors) being put into the community and guidelines that help the community develop and be sustainable. Fisically, outside investment, economic growth, and wealth accumulation are three important financial guarantees. Physically, it has a Crenshaw line that can take visitors in and out. Culturally, it has unique traditionally African American and small business culture that worth to be shared. Consequently, LPV is suitable to develop into a tourism district.


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