Flyer and Existing Strengths in LPV

I’ve been working on a flyer that gets out the word for Shark Tank in the LPV community:


We’re all so excited to see this roll out!

Working with the LPV business development team has been so much fun.  Part of what makes this group and community so awesome is their determination to take something that is seemingly a threat (evictions–> the looming threat of gentrification), and turn it into a huge opportunity for community development and growth. LPV 20|20 itself grew out of serious local community organizing and planning to get ahead of this threat of displacement and make sure that the future of LPV is in the hands of the local community, not speculators. LPV 20|20 is an inspiring group of individuals who are tirelessly working to bring LPV to its highest potential.

Our group is tasked in class with creating a vision plan for LPV.  I find that in this exercise, the first step must be to identify LPV’s existing strengths.  These are not difficult to find–the LPV 20|20 organization is highly conscious of them and wants to take advantage of them: a history steeped in art and music, beautiful historic buildings and park, retail and food that highlights African/African American/African Diaspora culture, an upcoming metro station, existing strong connections with regional agencies like Community Build and Vermont Slaussen, regular cultural events/festivals that help to strengthen local identity, anchor businesses that have a long history in the community, a strong local sense of community service, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the local community.





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