Shark Tank Materials

Over the past four weeks, the student and LPV teams have collaborated to move the Leimert Tank process forward. After many lively and productive conferences and emails, we officially have event dates, “Shark” investors, and Part 1 of the Leimert Tank application.

The original timeline dates are revised to provide more time for the planning team to create materials, as well as more time for participants to apply. The current end date is May 14th, to coincide with the annual Leimert Park Village charrette.

Application Part One is an effort that spanned throughout our fall quarter.  This application asks applicants for initial basic information in order for the review team to assess 1. how well does this business/idea fit into the existing LPV community, and 2. how prepared is this business to present their idea to a panel of investors.  Questions asked include how the business operates and how duties are delegated, and what market/niche the business serves.

Once the first round of applications come in, the review team may decide to make some cuts.  Mostly, though, the review is meant for the review team to review how the applicants can strengthen their applications before they submit application 2. The review team may give advice to candidates themselves, or they may advise candidates to sign up for workshops provided by regional nonprofits that help participants gain the skills to do things like build business plans and start a business.

See Application One in the Fall Projects tab.






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