LPV Updates

Post by Maria B. Rodriguez

The LPV 20|20 Vision leaders hosted a meeting earlier this week at the Vision Theatre. The facilitators, Sherri Franklin, Johnnie Raines and Clint Rosemond discussed ongoing 20|20 plan initiatives and their progress thus far. Other active community stakeholders that participated in the discussion included Brian Bowens, Kenny Rogers (West Angeles CDC) and prominent anchor business owners’. On the agenda, the meeting consisted of updates on negotiations with B.K. (Botasch), three accelerators, homelessness, achieving more community input, and recent crime in the area.


There was a lot of emphases placed on LPV functioning as an economically thriving cultural node. The three accelerators describe the type of commercial business the Vision leaders aspire to obtain in LPV. They are as follows: 1. Production hub, 2. Cultural Retail Hub, and 3. Fast Fresh Hub. These concepts help the Business Development team when deciding what applicants from Shark Tank will fit best into these accelerator types. In addition, Brian Bowens spoke of ongoing negotiations with B.K. regarding the properties being sold. He also insisted that the community needs to provide more input and get involved with making changes in the community by outreaching and thinking “like a developer”. Another topic discussed was homelessness in the park and in the vicinity of the community. Sherri spoke of continuing the ‘Brother’s Keeper’ program and perhaps acquiring a space to open a drop-in center for the homeless. The last part of the meeting consisted of a police officer from the local department providing an update on recent crime activity in the area. Criminal activity, such as homicides and drive-by shootings were rather high on the days prior and after New Years.