2015 in review

Settling into 2016, the new year presents our group with opportunities of growth. As we embark on the second phase of our partnership with the LPV 20|20 Vision Initiative, we highlight efforts undertaken in 2015.

Our group was given the task of creating a business directory for Leimert Park Village.  Over 70 businesses are located in Leimert Park Village. In forming the directory, we compiled past information, and updated any inaccurate information, including changes in business type and ownership, filling in gaps in the process. After, we were able to categorize the businesses into nine types, including a section highlighting anchor/featured businesses. With this information, we created a mock template of what the directory and featured business could look like on the LPV 20|20 site.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.15.41 AMmock template of the featured business page

Once completed, the directory will be placed on the LPV 20|20 Vision Initiative website. As we move into 2016, we hope to pick up where we left off, and see our template go live.